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Our Story

Our story starts with Mark and his cycling!  One day, Mark took on the challenge of cycling the Tour de France route, in it's entirety, one week ahead of the professionals.  A major feat of endurance, both physically and mentally - and I am still in awe of his ability to have completed it.  His training was immense, but with the bike miles he had to put in, the cycle routes became a little 'familiar' for the regularity he had to ride them.  A change of vista was in desperate need and this how we first stumbled across Gower.  As part of his training and to keep cycle boredom at bay, we decided to pack up the VW camper, and drive to Wales.  Here we found, hills, coast and a change of scenery for Mark to cycle through  and for me, to run on the most beautiful expanse of beach and countryside. This is how we fell in love with a place we never really knew existed. 


Over the years, we went back to Gower as often as we could - not always for 100 miles of cycling or fabulous beach runs to soothe the soul (well, sometimes), but more often than not, to explore more beaches, walks, pubs and everything else Gower has to offer you.  It was on one of these trips that our new adventure started.

They say "you don't choose your house, your house chooses you" - believe it or not, in this case I would absolutely agree.  We did not go to Oxwich Bay that day to find a house, we went to find a new beach to walk our exceptionally energetic spaniel puppy.  In all those visits to Gower, we had not visited Oxwich for reasons we are still unsure about, but that day, we arrived via the castle entrance, drove straight into the car park!  What a view, the tide was out, the beach was huge and seemed to go on for miles - our spaniels eyes were the size of saucers and he was desperate to escape his travel cage to go and befriend absolutely EVERYTHING on the beach.  After a couple of hours, when we had just taken the edge off the dogs energy levels, we decided to walk into the 'village' of Oxwich.  Feeling tired and hungry we headed straight for the chippy in the village shop, but out of the corner of our eyes we saw this house for sale.  Curiosity got the better of us and we wandered closer to inspect.  Love at first sight is a contested theory, especially in inanimate objects, but this was as close as it gets - a house, a stones throw away from a beautiful beach (practically next door to the chippy) - what is not to like.  And here starts our story...

Life does not always follow the heart and we know that our long term aim is to move to Woodside, but, having teenagers and moving them half way through exams may not be the best thing.  So, for now, we are renting our beautiful three self-catered cottages. We have set them up as to how we would like to live in them, with all the amenities and luxuries you would find at home.  We have followed our passions and have written about cycle routes, walking paths, running ideas and options for day excursions, watersports and pubs to visit - see 'things to do' in the tab above.  We know you will enjoy your stay in Oxwich Bay and we hope you enjoy your stay at Woodside Cottage, The Cross (Y Groes) or The Barn (Yr Ysgubor) too.   


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